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Itty Bitty and Penny the Purple Penguin: The Magic Chair


Itty Bitty is a girl who is two years old. Penny the Purple Penguin is her best friend. Join Itty Bitty and Penny on her adventure in Itty Bitty and Penny the Purple Penguin: The Magical Chair as the girls learn about the chair and how they use the chair.

"A very nice children's book." - Naomi Williams

"This children's book is a cute story! It's great for helping children who may be worried about new children entering into their families, or just don't know what having a newborn sibling is like. It makes it clear, and tells them to help and love them. Check it out! "- Anonymous Reader

"This book is amazing! It teaches parents to let their kids know not to get scared when a new baby comes, and it's just as special. Also it helps young kids understand that don't have to be afraid to love their new sibling, and not to see them as just a monster, but as their brother/sister." - Shelby Lee

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